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Originally Posted by Ghost_Mutant View Post
That frame repair looks great. Did you notice a cracked rear engine mount? I have three XR500 frames and interestingly enough all three had a cracked rear engine mount/tab in the same spot. I also had some small cracks were the seat and air filter box cross members meet the frame rails. I think the stress of getting too much air combined with the sharp angles caused the cracks. Newer XR frames look to have curved ends on those cross members which probably handles the stress better.
I hadn't noticed a cracked rear engine mount but I'll have a close look and let you know. I have checked the the 'flat' cross members and couldn't see any cracks in them though. I'll have a good check over the frame now it's repaired and stripped-out. The main thing for now is that it's oil tight

Originally Posted by Ghost_Mutant View Post
I recall you just pull the pin on top that keeps the tensioner shaft from moving to the right, and then just grab the tab and pull it out while giving it a twisting motion. Once the shaft is out then tensioner can be removed from the top.
Yes that's what the Haynes manual says (got to say it really is a poor effort from Haynes). The pin is not a problem but the tensioner shaft doesn't seem to want want to come out (tried pulling it out with pliers). Are they a really tight fit? Should the tension be off the tensioner? If so, how do you do that? Mr Haynes is no help here

Originally Posted by Ghost_Mutant View Post
There is a pdf manual recently linked on The XL600 thread if you don't have one.
I just found a link on page 229 of that thread but the resource file's obviously been removed. Does anyone have a copy please? Is it emailable?
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