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Talking Kansas

I wasn't in Oklahome for long- apologies to those who are fans of the State, but I had a destination to reach. Into Kansas and can you believe it almost immediately a big black cloud appeared. I'll admit I'm not hugely knowledgeable about the States, but even I know that Kansas is famous for its tornadoes, my cultural reference point being The Wizard of Oz. I didn't like the look of this cloud looming ahead of me on the highway

I have to admit that in the picture it doesn't look so bad, believe me it looked worse in real life. I stopped and compared it with the pictures from the tornado shelter, decided on a scale of 1 to 10 that it was possibly a 2 and just kept riding hoping for the best.

The cloud gradually disappeared off to the east. I stoppped for a break and after a phone call to VMW in Seattle, decided to do take some action about Thelma's lack of revs and pulling power.
In the carpark of Dairy Queen I got out my tools and spare parts and proceeded to take apart the carburretor. I changed the diaphragm on it

This was me just finishing, the beauty of having a twin-engined bike, from my point of view as someone to whom mechanics does not come easily is that I always have the other side to refer to when I'm putting things back together again, making sure that everything goes back in its correct place.
The change of diaphragm didn't make much difference, Thelma will have to wait until Chicago to have it looked into properly.
Lots of people stopped by as I was working to say hello and ask where the bike is from as it has a huge yellow British registration plate.

I'd lost a bit of time, and as I passed Wichita (singing Seven Nation Army in my head) I realised I had better find a place to camp. I got a perfect spot in a field not too far from the highway, it was hilly so I was out of sight from the road, although it had been a bit dicy to ride Thelma through the long grass hiding the rocks on the slope.

I took a look at the broken tent pole, removed the offending section then re-threaded the shock cord and with some blue electrical tape managed to do a temporary repair to get the tent up.

Still not great but looking a lot better than last night.

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