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Originally Posted by Pete640 View Post
When u do mine can u add a mount for my steering damper?
We've found that the AWD system feels like a steering damper. It naturally wants to pull you forward and straighten out the bars to a small degree keeping me straight through rough stuff, but it would interesting to try and see how it would work combined. I've never ridden a bike with a damper, so I'm not the best experienced with that. I'm going by what other riders of this bike have commented on it to me.

Currently on the ON/OFF switch is mounted where a damper Pin would bolt onto the frame. The Cables were not long enough and I had no more bar room to move it up there anyways.

Definitely in my notes for upgrade on future versions. I've been thinking about an electronic solenoid that could be triggered with a handle bar button and a Cable back up, just in case. But that might be too fancy. We're almost getting into that GS category.
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