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Originally Posted by Roundworld View Post
Hi Karl,
Love your posts and was wondering if you are still selling the kit?

I have a r1200rt and wanted to convert the rear tire.
Greetings, and thanks for the kudos.
Sorry for the delay in responding, but sometimes life gets in the way of the stuff you WANT to do...

Right now I don't have any of the adapter hubs made up, and I was actually trying to decide if there has been enough demand to justify doing another run of them.
It does tie up some capitol to have a batch of them machined and anodized and then leave them sitting around waiting for someone who is interested. But it does bring the cost down to have them made in batches rather than one-off as I get orders.

I suppose that I could probably be talked into doing another batch of them if I knew that I had a couple of them pre-sold to offset some of the initial investment cost of making up some more adapters...
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