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On the way to work a little after 6 in the AM. I catch a whiff of something, but ignore it. A few moments later I smell it stronger, "Is that an electrical smell or a rubber smell? Is it coming from me?!" A little worried I slowed down some, not sure what was happening. Up ahead on the opposite side of the 5 lane I see something, a tire, "Damn, people should be more careful securing stuff and they apparently didn't notice they dropped it."
I continue on maybe a few hundred yards or so & there's a car up ahead, "Cars sitting low. Wonder if it busted a shock or something." It pulls into the fast lane & I go past it in the slow lane & look down. The right rear tire is gone. Riding on just the rim. A bit stunned I didn't notice the driver, but it looked like they where turning into the gas station. Hope their morning improved! I was glad the smell wasn't coming from my bike & sped up.
Burning rubber smell can mean some truck has a flat and the driver's ignoring it and continuing to drive. If you ever smell it on the road, be prepared to dodge a whole tire tread that has come off and is lying in the road.
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