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Originally Posted by DJGypsy View Post
^^^those make me weak in the knees too. i really liked the crossbones, wonderful ergos for us tall people. now if it had brakes that were not made of cheese...
Originally Posted by ParrotheadJeff View Post
I ride a V-Star 650 with a smallish front disk and rear drum brake. I think I'd be OK with the brakes
come on man, you should know that rotor/drum size isn't the final word in braking performance.

I've ridden a few v-star 650's (bike week demo rides, and my buddy also has one), and the brakes on that bike are just fine they weren't zx-14 brakes, but i had no worries about stopping quickly if i needed to.

brakes on the crossbones? oooohhhh shit. you better pray hard now, because you WILL hit the nun in the crosswalk.
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