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All I can say is I have been riding a long time, and have put on a lot of miles, I do not live in a safe motorcycle riding state, but one that is filled with millions of clueless drivers, yet I have never had a crash involving a car or truck.

I do not know if I am a very good rider, except from the standpoint of not crashing on the street.
Over 30 years, and I have been to about 40 states on a bike, in all weather, and no accidents.

I do not think they could not get me, there are some rare situations where there is no time to react and no pre warning, but I tend to think they are very rare.
On the other hand, I think there are plenty of riders who are not really paying attention as much as they should be, and not using caution in places where they should, and are even riding in places where they should not be if they want to stay safe.
I think most motorcycle police are likely better then average riders but placed in high risk situations most of the time, and suspect the crash rate is very high. Plenty of police are injured in car wrecks, bikes must be worse.

In normal situations, I expect a car pulling out and would tend to be ready, or slow down, or get over, or plan an out, but I suppose chasing someone might change things.
I would think he had to try and get a tag number, figure out how many people of what sort are in the car/truck, and do other cop type things involved in pulling someone over.
I think that would push me over the edge, too much stuff to do to stay safe.
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