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Originally Posted by AceRph View Post
Good grief. I trimmed more crap out of this thread than all other FP threads put together.

Knock that crap off.

Thanks Ace, i've bit my tongue a few times after being tempted, and actually responded to some of the "experts" who've posted in this thread..

To the OP, thanks for your service and best wishes for a speedy recovery, I'm no fan of speed traps, but speeding around kids or in school zones is one thing that really pisses me off, and you've likely already saved a few kids lives, which is a noble cause no matter how you slice it.

I don't understand the armchair analysis from those who weren't there, who made huge leaps of logic, and really stupid statements. 2 lane roads in Texas aren't very forgiving, many don't even have shoulders, and have trees inches from the road. The man was run off the road, and you don't always have an out in that situation.

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I've yet to see a poor person driving a real gas hog......
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