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Rising Sun wasn't really interested in your case because they're the importer and deal directly with dealers for the most part. They'll sell direct but prefer not to as it's going around the dealer base they're supposed to be supporting. Yes, they dropshipped the parts but it's up to Lewisport to take up your cause.

In their defense the Lewisport folks are, like most trials dealers, doing this as a side gig in addition to their day job. They put a lot back into the trials community but have limitations of time and resources like every other person trying to burn the candle at both ends. I would think that after six weeks they would get it right, but maybe things are just falling through the cracks.

Lewisport isn't the only game in town. There are other good dealers out there. I've always used Mike Thuleen at The Trials Source in Boise and have received great pricing and fast, friendly service. He even called me when a screaming deal came up locally for a TXT321 that was virtually brand-new. Shop around but try to stick with the little guys giving back rather than the big chains. They'll be there to help you out when you have questions and are trying to find that unobtanium part.
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