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So yeah about that.
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Originally Posted by pilo View Post
Does the kick starter engage in the same spot it did before and spring back to the same spot? I've put them in wrong and they make a nutty sound.

By the way, the pressure builds pretty quickly, but when I go in to the head/valves I always dump a little oil around cam just to make sure there is enough there on startup.
The first time I put it in the kick starter would move forward. The second time I put it back together it seems to stay in place.

I am going over everything in my head. I remember when I was test cycling the motor after putting all the working parts together to make sure nothing binded, that the compression cam was making noise.
I was thinking about it in the shower and haven't looked under the valve cover but I think this is the next place im going to look. The manual doesn't say much about it.

On the positive note, the motor starts super nice and with out hesitation unlike before. :-)

Again thanks for the help.
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