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Originally Posted by Rodzilla View Post
could you elaborate or post pics of what you did?
I don't mean to hi-jack your request but I also have the N43E and I installed my SMH10 with the OEM mic and ear speakers.
The "OEM" is what I call the Clamp Style.
.. I think it works fine.

I cut two small notches in the lower rubber.. for the clamp to fit
.. and another for the mic to come out through the existing mic hole just inside the jaw attach point.

Some pics:
Pop out the "NOLAN" cutout and slightly enlarge the "oval hole" to fit the inner clamp
just make a notch the same width as the clamp thickness.. that way the rubber won't "distort"..
..Once you fit the clamp.. there is also room to run the SPEAKER wires back in through the same hole..

another view

Cut another small notch to bring the mic "inside" the jaw plate:

Another View:

The mic comes out inside the jaw guard through the existing hole there..
There is room for the mic boom inside the helmet
(I guess it's there for the OEM nolan BT stuff?)..
.. inside the helmet.. there is also an existing very small hole with a nut plate behind it...
... I made a small "T" shaped clamp and then attached the mic boom internally with a very small (M4) bolt using the existing small hole with the nut plate that's already there.
.... I don't really think I needed that.. but it just looks better (to me) and holds the boom from flexing too much.

I arranged everything so that the mic would be off to the left side
.. there is a little "triangle" indentation in the jaw guard that provides a little extra clearance.
Like This:

extra...I also did not think the "brim" was big enough so I added an extension..
a small piece of Lexan from my old Nolan N102
... works great when the sun is in my face...

All in all, the Nolan N43E and the SMH10 make a great combo..

It is the coolest (temperature) and lightest helmet I have...
... even feels lighter than my old "shorty helmet... probably just because it fits better.


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