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i bought a rws diana 34 panther rifle about a year ago and it is a nice rifle. i got it so i could eliminate a couple of groundhogs that were wrecking my garden and rose bushes. i was too unsure of my skills to attempt to take one out last year but i did a lot of target shooting/plinking last summer/fall and honed my skills a bit. anyway, i finally took aim at my first varmint groundhog about two weeks ago and i nailed it with a head shot which lead to a clean death BUT i took aim at a second one the next day and even though i hit it in the head, it did not die right away... it was gurgling/ rasping for breath and crawling away and i had to reload and shoot it again at close range. it was not a pleasant experience... i still shudder at it. for now on i will not take aim at another critter with my air rifle... maybe i'm a pussy but it really had an affect on me. i felt so bad for that creature for those few minutes.
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