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Originally Posted by chazbird View Post

When you get a chance a ride/owner review of the BV350 would be most welcome. The usual, handling, fuel mileage, storage, performance, etc.....My carb'ed BV250 gets 68-74 and whatever bike I get next has to get 70+ mpg.
Will do. Only got two 25-mile rides in after work this week. Weather turned cold and rainy for the next three days so no riding at all. As soon as I have some more data I'll post a report. I am a motorcycle guy since age 5 and when we went this week to purchase the Vespa that my wife wanted (for commuting) I ended up coming home with the BV. So far I love it. No idea on gas mileage or anything yet.

A few quick inputs (Mini Review):

1. The bike handles well. The bigger wheels (16/14) make it more like a motorcycle which is likely why I like it.

2. Under seat storage is good. I can get a full face helmet under there. I just ordered a Givi rack for the rear so I can mount a 30L Givi box soon. Will report when I do. The glove compartment is large and does have a 12V power plug in there. Under the seat there is a light. All done very nicely.

3. Mileage: No idea. I filled the bike up when we went our for our first ride. I can't tell how accurate the gauge is. When it gets low I'll check it out and report. I think it has a 3.1 - 3.2 gallon tank.

4. Performance is good and fun. I took it on a little 2-3 mile stretch of interstate and it popped up to 80 indicated easily and quickly at 6500' elevation. That was likely 72-75 MPH real. There was more left in there. My wife's 300 Super can still beat me off the line but that's cause she's smaller and her bike is lighter. Once we hit 45-50 I roll on by.

5. Ergo's: I'm 6' tall with a 33-34" inseam. I like big bikes (I ride a KTM950 Adventure and two R100GSPD's) and the BV feels nice. Not small like my wife's Vespa and not really big like the Kymco Excite 500 we rode last weekend either. Once the weather clears we'll go out and do a 100 and then a 200 and then a 250 mile day and see how it goes. The bigger wheels and tires help with the bumpy local roads. I've already learned to avoid pot holes, man hole covers, and such now that I ride a scooter.

6. Misc: It has a "mode" button on the right hand side of the handlebars. It allows me to toggle through ODO, Trip Meter 1, Trip Meter 2, Voltage, and Outdoor Temp. I love that. My wife's expensive GTS300 Super doesn't even have a single trip meter. It has a digital clock, analog fuel and coolant temp gauge and a big speedo that is analog as well. The High/Low headlight switch is intuitive and labeled well (compared to the Vespa). The Run/Off switch as well is nice and labeled. The OEM windscreen and mount is nicely sized for what I want. If you want a bigger one you can purchase the one for the BV300 and use that. Might have to go to Europe online to buy it. I have no issues with it. I can put the thing on the centerstand w/o using my hands. It's that easy. And, unlike the Vespa, it came with a sidestand.

In a week or so I plan on riding this thing to work and everywhere within 50 miles if I don't need to haul a load or such. Meaning, I am going to see if I can live with this thing as my daily vehicle. I've never done that with my real motorcycles as I don't use them for commuting. Never have. But the little BV is just so easy to use.

Future considerations are a set of Hot Grips with controller (I live in Colorado) and learning how to maintain the thing myself.

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