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Originally Posted by Dabears View Post
I suspect you will find like many folks that the right sized scooter will meet so many of your riding requirements that your motorcycles will see less and less use. In my case my old Vespa is a bit too small and the brakes too poor to provide much overlap with what my GS does. The BV350 however is as powerful as many regular motorcycles were years ago, and we managed to do everything on them. I think you've got one of the best new scooters out there from a size/power/feature perspective (my opinion only- there are lots of other great scooters, and I love most of them!).

What dealer did you get it from? I work in Denver two weeks out of the month- out by Centennial Airport. Haven't been to Fay Myers for a while- need to go see if they have a BV to check out!

I bought mine at Fay and paid the MSRP of $5495. They tried to add another $800 or so in fees for shipping, assembly, dealer handling stuff and I said I would not pay that. They quickly dropped all the fees except the dealer handling ($149 IIRC) and I said I'm not paying that either. They agreed. But we bought two scooters at the same time. I do not know if they have more BV's or not. Call and ask for Joe or check the Denver CL. Joe is their CL specialist. Erico has one for sure as I saw it last Wednesday in person. It is black as well. Not sure on price there. I have no love for Fay as it seemed more like an appliance store than a MC dealer. But we got the scoots and even had them delivered to the springs the same day for $100 (for both) so no complaints.

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