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Thanks for the information. Just goes to show what branding/image can cost, IE Piaggio vs Vespa. Vespa, owned/built by Piaggio, = more money and less features. Anyway, the BV350 seems very similar to the BV250 in chassis, wheel size, etc. They (mine) handle really well. Brakes are very good, albeit with high effort for serious stops. Though competent, the suspension is a bit harsh. So, with the BV350 I'd be interested in seeing if those factors were improved, and of course more performance for the same mileage is a goal. Does the windshield buffet? If your fuel gauge system is the same as a BV250 its rather a joke, every other trip it will start at full (when full) and then stay full too long, then drop to nearly empty, and then empty (no reserve light though) and then up to 1/2, by then of course you've been keeping an eye on the odometer and/or the reserve light goes on - which is accurate. The next trip it'll read fine only to repeat the goofiness the next fill-up. I do love the BV250 though, and I use it for most everything. I could see having just a scooter and using a motorcycle for specialty "fun" needs, like a '59 Goldstar for local sport rides. (Dream....)
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