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Hey everyone: Long time listener, first time caller.

Just wanted to share my setup and give props to Adam and the team for getting my order out to me before a quick trip.

I'm using the Sena with an Zumo 550 and a Nolan 102. Love my Nolan, but it was a bit of a pain to fit. In order to get stereo sound out of the Zumo and XM, I'm using a Jabra A120 dongle. Custom ear buds from Big Ears plug into the earbud adapter plate.

Thanks to some of the great advice here, I was able to update the headsets and pair to my phone, the Zumo and the Jabra. I eventually settled on pairing the phone (Lumia 900) to the Zumo, then using the hands free profile to connect to the Zumo and the Media Profile to connect to the Jabra. Sena did a nice job allowing you to "split out" the phone/media profiles.

Everything work flawlessly over the 1000 miles we rode. Battery life was great (10+ hours each day), intercom to the other bike worked great the entire trip except for one small incident. My riding partner (Dad, in this case) could not connect to me and would get a "intercom failed" voice message. I was able to connect just fine, however, and we never experienced it again. As a side note, the Jabra A120s isn't easy to track down any more; I've had mine for a couple of years. That's too bad, as the battery life is great and it seems rock solid.

Thanks to all for the great information...
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