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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post

And I'm a bit surprised the Super 300 can beat the 350 in any situation.
That might change with time/miles.

I weigh 50-60 pounds more than my wife and the BV350 itself weighs 50-60 pounds more than the GTS300 Super (I think). Comparing the 33 HP of the BV to the 22 HP of the GTS means there is 11 HP advantage. Assuming a minimum of a 100 pound weight penalty (rider and bike) that means the extra 11 HP must pull the extra 100 pounds. I recall back in my racing days that 1 HP is equivalent to about 8 pounds. In this case 100 Lbs / 11 HP = 9. My pure complete guess here is it's the extra weight. I should switch it around and ride the GTS and have my wife on the BV and see what happens. It might also be those 12" wheels on the GTS just roll quicker off the line than the 16/14 of the BV.

Just looked up the specs:

Vespa GTS 300 Super: 278cc, 22 HP, 326 pounds dry.
Piaggio 350BV: 330cc, 32.8HP, 390 dry.

So the HP delta is 10.8 and the DRY weight delta is 64.

In any case, once I get to 45-50 I can easily outrun the GTS. Let's see what happens after break in.

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