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Strange times at the Piaggio dealership

I went to my local Piaggio dealer today to see if they had any news on the new BV350, and the trip turned into a bit of a Twilight Zone episode.

As I pulled in, a guy who appeared to be some kind of maintenance man was getting something out of a car parked in the lot. He was kinda eyeballing my neighbor and I as we parked our truck, so I waved at him and he waved back.

He went into the showroom, and we followed a few seconds later. As I entered the door he came up and asked if I was looking for someone. I said I was actually looking for something, rather than someone, and he asked what that might be. When I replied that I was looking for a Piaggio BV350, he got an extremely puzzled look on his face and said, "You're looking for a what?"

I won't go into great detail, but this guy had no idea what a Piaggio was, and he had even less idea that the BV350 was a new scooter from a company by that name. Literally. There were 8-10 Piaggio scooters sitting on the showroom floor, within 10 feet of us, while this conversation was taking place. The only other person on the floor was a salesman who appeared to be around 70 or so, but he didn't seem to want to join the conversation for some reason. The first guy disappeared into the back to "talk to the owner". A few minutes later he reappeared to tell me that they didn't keep any of those "DV350's" in stock because they were "specialty items", but that he could order me one. I told him that I was thinking of trading in my Yamaha Majesty, and asked him if they took trade-ins. Once again, I got the totally blank look. This guy literally did not know a Yamaha Majesty from a Mitsubishi Zero.

He asked me to repeat the name of my scooter, and once again excused himself to go in the back to talk to the owner. I overheard the owner say something to the effect of "Those Majesties cost like $6500 - tell him to sell it on Ebay, and then come back and see us."

Our "salesman" came back and relayed the owners sentiments, pretty much verbatim. I thanked him and told him I'd check back later. He then told me the owner was expecting a "DV350" to come in on the first of June, and asked for my name and number. I gave him my info, but by then he'd forgotten the model that I'd come in to look for.

I'm guessing that this dealership has recently changed ownership, because I've been there before and they seemed a little more organized last time. Maybe today was my salesman's first day. In any event, I didn't get to see the bike I went to see, and I didn't exactly get the warm fuzzies about the dealership. There's one more dealership nearby who sells Vespas and Piaggios, so I think I'll try there next week.
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