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4/29: Huntingdon was the 2,000 mile mark. The next leg of the journey would be 2 days camping in mountainous northern PA in utter seclusion. Kettle Creek State Park. No phone, no internet - not a single luxury . . . . . well not exactly. The new heated bath house at the campground was first rate.

Well, you get the idea. It was good to have the chance to spend a little quality time with daughter and son-in-law.

5/1: I got an early start. It would take a while to get out of these hills.

Trip adjustments. I had hoped to see the Atlantic and have lobster on the coast of Maine. I also wanted to see Niagara Falls and ride a ways in Canada. There wasn't time to get a passport which is now a rigid requirement. I rode north into New York.

The closer I got to Lake Erie, the thicker the fog and drizzle. They call it rain but in Texas terms, it was only drizzle. Nonetheless, visibility would be too poor to see the falls so I veered west to Erie PA and slabbed it down to Columbus OH to meet my old Bandit brother Russell. He runs the 600 Bandit yahoo group and he and I had identical bikes. We had engaged in an impromptu mileage contest. Mine was close when I sold it and his now has over 100k on the clock. We had a great visit and enjoyed motorcycle talk and single malt into the wee hours of the morning.

5/2: Russell lives in proximity to Iron Pony so we made a quick trip. Amazing! If you can imagine a "big box" store chocked full of all manner of motorcycle gear and accessories - that's it. I left my wallet on the bike.

The rest of the day was a slab ride through Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana & Illinois in hopes of making it to Arkansas by sundown. Dusk came and went. I was glad I had taken the time to install those 6" PIAA HID lazer cannons. The bugs were so thick they were affecting my gas mileage. I got a cheap room in Anna, IL just east of Cape Girardeau MO.
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