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Originally Posted by leafman60 View Post
There's a lot to be said for that !

Or, instead of doing a headlamp conversion, just fit some auxiliaries.

In addition to my HID headlamp, I fitted a pair of led auxiliaries of the BMW Take Down type. They give much better down-road illumination than I expected.

I have thought about going back to the stock halogen but I like the idea of using 35 watts instead of 55/60.
Please talk to us about LED auxiliaries. (I'm sure there's something in the archive, but humor me, please.)

This morning I rode with a friend who's replaced the lame aux lights on his GSA with nifty LEDs. He followed me all morning since I had the route, and I found his LEDs to be much brighter and much bluer than his main H7 lamp.

Assuming I could wrestle mounting them to my X-Country, would the electrical system handle them okay? I understand LEDs have a low current draw, but my dad was the EE in the family and he's passed, so I have to trust the collective's wisdom. ;-)

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