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Originally Posted by TerraRoot View Post
for track handling you should aim for the bikes weight to be near the headstock, and the rider/bike combined balance should be about 60/40 front/rear.
mind melting amounts of info here:
kiwi bucket racers would be right up your street. just don't tell em you used an ax100....
I've just started reading through this link and you're right, that's a mind melting amount of info. I think I've just booked my next weeks' worth of free time! Cheers for that link.

I had never really cared about small bikes (less than 600cc) when I was in the States. Came to China and suddenly 250cc was big. Now we're working on a 100cc "heap" as RichardKTM says, and I'm getting into it. It's a good way to focus on the finer points of adjustment and tuning, as big power and traction aren't really going to play a role here
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