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Catching up

I get off work in the morning-- usually watch qualifying, then get some sleep and then watch the race.

1. I'm really enjoying the RACING this year, yes some of it is pit stop lead changes, but it beats some recent years processions. Commentators keep saying its due to DRS-- that is part, but it seems like rule changes, especially the limited testing and weird tires has really mixed up the field. You either get it right in the off season or you don't.

2. Williams, Lotus, Ferrari at the front. Classic old school F1.

3. I keep being amazed by Alonzo's driving. He seems by far the best to have if you don't have an UberCar. Kimi also seems to have this ability.

4. Qualifying. I like the lack of certainty. Was it last year where they lined up two by two-- Redbull, then McLaren, then Ferrari, then Mercedes, then...
Now it is a big mixing bowl, Teammates, even top teammates can be far apart. (See McLaren)

5. Woot, Glad to see Sir Frank get a win.

6. Matchett is an idiot-- "Well maybe Kimi is going to try and go the rest of the way on these tires..." With a full 1/3 of the race left.

7. Lotus is close, damn close, will they have what it takes to begin winning and stay on top?

8. The first 1/3 of the race a was sick of the constant Hamilton commentating. But he did have a heck of a drive. I'm not impressed with top teams/drivers going from 22 to 10. Back markers are too easy to pass by a superior car. But I am impressed coming from the way back and moving past 12-11-10-09... Even your own teammate, who is a pretty good driver.

9. What's happened to Petrov? Last year he seemed better, almost like Perez this year. Now he's firmly in the rear. (Maybe my memory is foggy? )

10. Is McLaren/Hamilton the car to beat?

11. Is the track finished yet in Austin?
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