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Originally Posted by Jurgen View Post
10. Is McLaren/Hamilton the car to beat?
Nope. I think you're seeing something similar to Alonso. Hammy has his faults, most of them residing in his head, but he can drive an almost good car to a higher position than it deserves. His achilles heel is his tire and brake management. That's what seņor eyebrows has over him, although they are actually more alike than different.

I'm going with Kimi and Grojean this year. Kimi has a fire in him that I can't really recall from the past. Consistency will win this years championship, something at which Button would normally excel in but McLaren seems to find ways to torpedo. Kimi seems to have it.

Kimi is the one to beat with Grojean as the wildcard.

Of course, I could be completely full of it...
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