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Originally Posted by Jurgen View Post
6. Matchett is an idiot-- "Well maybe Kimi is going to try and go the rest of the way on these tires..." With a full 1/3 of the race left.

9. What's happened to Petrov? Last year he seemed better, almost like Perez this year. Now he's firmly in the rear. (Maybe my memory is foggy? )

10. Is McLaren/Hamilton the car to beat?

Like you, I have issues with Matchett. But I give him credit for immediately noticing the track temp had dropped by a degree or two in Q3 and explaining how it was catching-out some drivers. Button still hadn't figured it out 20 minutes after failing to make it out of Q2. So Matchett has his moments.

Petrov drove for a better team the previous two seasons. Now he's at the bottom of F1.

So far, it doesn't look like there is a car to beat. Each successive track has seemingly suited a new team. Great for us!

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