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Rear Brakes

This week I decided to refurbish the rear brakes after doing the front brakes last week. The front brakes were binding a bit after we put too much fluid in the master cylinder, when the lid was tightened down the pads were nipping the disc.

The rear end was covered in the same rattle can black as the rest of the bike so first job was a quick clean up, time to dig in and do a strip down. We even have a Brembo master cylinder.

The old pads fell apart on disassembly, Iím guessing the bike has been stood for a few years. One of the sliding pins had totally frozen and expanded inside the calliper, and I couldnít get them apart with levers or by spinning it.. in the end I took drastic measures and drilled out the end cap and used a punch to drive them apart.
This bike will never see rain and be stored inside so I cleaned up the pin and will find a grommet for the hole in the end.

After an hour with the wire wheel things were looking a bit better so itís time for a well deserved beer.
Tsingtao (chin- dow) is one of the most common beers in China, at 4.2% itís not too bad when its ice cold. Some beers here are as low as 2%!!

New high friction brake pads were acquired from the local bike shop, they arenít EBC GP spec but they are bright blue??
Everything went back together as it should and the fluid was changed for the good stuff that you can see through.

Time for another beers I think.
Cheers Rich
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