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Bearing XXVII

I've spent ALL DAY looking through the links and reading the referenced material suggested, by TerraRoot, and am just having an aforementioned TsingTao.

I think I may be the only person here who hasn't read The Two-Stroke Tuner Handbook

If you haven't though, it's a great read on 2stroke motor fundamentals, and is turning out to be very applicable to our project.

So, I guess I should post something about the bike

I'd post about the painting process on the tank, but it's still sitting here in my bedroom in the same condition as last time. My wife is going back to her hometown this week, so I'll probably actually work on it then and post about it. For now I'll post yet ANOTHER bearing/maintenance post.

For those of you who are hanging in there with us on this build, we promise it will actually be a build soon, and not just us performing routine maintenance

As you saw on an earlier post, I had taken apart the steering head to find the mangled remains of the bearings. It was time to replace them so one of the guys bought 2 different sets of bearings and races.

(Apologies for the poor picture quality on this one. The sun was harsh and back-lighting every pic)

The races on the bike are in decent condition, and the new races were bought just because they came together with the bearings. But, we figured since we had them, it might be worth having a look at replacing the old ones. The fact that the new races were about 3mm in diameter too large didn't bother some in our group, and we had a go at it anyway

results = what you would expect.
So with the original races back in place, we packed in the news bearings with grease and reassembled the front end

Yeah, that gap between the upper race and the head stock is terrible. That's the way we got the bike, and it's OBVIOUSLY not the way it left the factory. Yet another thing we say we'll replace in the future. Truth be told, as the bike will never see inclement weather in our hands, it's probably not that much of an issue. The bearings cost about $1.3 for the full set, so we'll just replace them when the time comes I think

RichardKTM giving the ADV Salute.

There you have it, another exciting bearing change!
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