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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
that is a "rendering" ie not a real picture, computer generated.

Ossa might be out of business, (slight chance) already,
they needed investors to keep going, investors expect "guarantee" so they (ossa) applied to the city/country the plant is in, for guarantee. Nobody has said anymore yet about how that is going?

sure, could be seen 2 ways, they could just move and be ok, in this case just trying to get more "help" when just about every country is sick and tired of helping the super rich investors make guaranteed moneys...

Or they need money/investors badly to stay open?

Marc Colmer left, (all my above is from the "web" so dont have a cow on me). It was uncertain if it was salary issues? they said personal reasons.
It dont take much to "bet" it was becuase possibly (even if slight and a guess on my part) about getting paid, and or seeking employment with a future in his opinion?

I would love to see that company keep going, and produce those bikes, but Ill be damned if Warren Buffett and his ilk should be "guaranteed" that they wont lose money investing in the company.

I mean shit, I could use a deal like that, for a company I'd like to start, sheesh.

This isnt supposed to be a politcal rant, just a finance rant,
I have a problem with people making comments like these without first hand knowledge or proof.

The problem is that these rumors are started by other brands to prevent a new company like Ossa from getting off to a good start.

Sting32 if you have any proof to back up your comments please post it, otherwise take it down. Trials doesn't need rumormongers.
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