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Originally Posted by ag_streak View Post
Not sure how much you know about them, but the 2009 FZ6R is NOTHING AT ALL like the pre-2009s.

The 2009s have a heavier, cheaper steel tube frame rather than the aluminum twin-spar, and a different engine with 2/3rds the power of the original FZ6. It has a full fairing to appeal to new sport bike riders (not that there's anything wrong with that), but sliding pin brake calipers, stamped steel parts, and was built to a price point. It was definitely a few notches down from an older FZ6.

Just do some homework before you decide. The 2009 was not a natural refinement and upgrade from the 2008...

Here's a link to some info:

I don't want to dis anyone who rides a 2009, I just want to get the story out there. I hope this helps...
Yeah I am well aware of the differences between the two. I also think Yamaha did very well with it. It is a good bike for the price point.
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