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Originally Posted by bobzilla View Post
got the adapter part figgured. i got a lathe
i used the pod filter in the past and the area on the 690 it sits in is VERY dirty. I mean every day the filter is clogged out here in the dust even if you are in front. i would rather try and route it back into the stock box or if not at least to the very front of the compartment where you are talking of putting the small battery
vacum pump very relliable
i think i need a different ignation probably from an exc
why the fcr 39 and not the 41
i could probably loose 3/4 of the wire loom too
that could be the ticket
I bet Vortex could do an ignition only box for you without too much trouble. I'm wondering if the EXC CDI map would work with the 690 motor, trying to think of why of why it wouldn't work.... I got nothing
Just say'IN
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