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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
Super Quick Until I Die.
That is what it meant back in the 70's and no wishing can change it.

And what's with this, "You mean riding a bike? On a road? With a passenge?"
Damn... I wish I had a nickle for every time I have had to listen to this lame ass captain obvious crap.
Yeah. We all accept the risk... What you just start riding and figure it out?

You see, I don't give a crap what his skill level is.
He doesn't know what may be on the road around the next corner. He doesn't know who may veer into his lane. He has no idea what may dart out in front of him.
These are all reasons why racing is held on a close course where these variables can be managed.

Bottom line is; "how do you think he would feel after crashing and taking her life?"

Do you think he would enjoy the smug self-certainty you credit him with.
Don't think so.

He is placing her life in danger and either too stupid or too careless or too immature to care. Not only is he a SQUID, he is a dangerous SQUID.

I'd kill the mofo if he was riding like that and crashed with my daughter on the back. And I think most father's would feel the same way.

Cept for Sally. He would get his wife to kill him.
had never heard of this squid thing until the last few years
yes i rode through the 70's
in usa too
squid i thought meant a new member of the
us navy
no most fathers not interested in murdering their daughters partner
as by that time in life
the daughter should have responsibility
and control of her own life
unless not brought up correctly or
low iq.
she has her own quality attgat and looks like she is an experienced pillion
yeh and you watch out
for that meteor strike whilst
more vision with no helmet or half face
maybe you can see it and dodge

no offence meant
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