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Smithers BC to Hyder AK to Dease Lake to White Horse YT

May 11. Smithers BC to Hyder AK. 370 km

I knew it wasn't to far from Smithers to Hyder so I got a late start and updated my RR. The weather was sunny and somewhat warm. I pulled into Hyder around 5 and tried to go the Salmon glacier but the road was snowed in about 15 km up near a large holding pond for a gold mine. So I went back into Hyder to get some food and a room. I got suckered into singing karaoke and drinking with the locals.

Lunch time view

My first Black bear that day. I lost count around 15

That's a glacier.

On the way to salmon glacier. the road went off to the left another 200 meters or so then was covered with snow.

The best place to eat in Hyder. Of all the chowder I have had this trip, they had the best seafood chowder. That is saying a lot.

Halibut sandwich.

The whole wall is covered with bills. Some are from the early 60s. Quite interesting to look around.

Room 1. One door down from the bar. I had to close it down otherwise I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway right?

Locals gearing up to sing.

It didn't like me hugging it.

May 12. Hyder AK to Dease Lake BC. 400 km.

After a nice Breakfast at the Glacier Inn of seafood eggs benedict, I headed back into Canada. I was half expecting the boarder people to give me a hard time. Luckily they didn't. The clouds cleared up as I got back to Hwy 37 and it was sunny all the way to Dease Lake. I camped at Dease Lake. For some reason I was the only one at the campground... maybe it was because there was still ice on the lake. It made for a great sunset.

This lady owns the Boundary Gallery and Gifts. She was quite funny so I let her sign AK on my bike.

Apparently this bridge washed out in a storm last summer and was out for a month before they were able to put this one-lane bridge next to it.

This little guy let me take a bunch of pics of him. He would start to walk away and I would whistle and he would come back and let me take more pics.

This is my "its getting cold again" face.

Coolest camper ever? All it needs is a 4x4 axle in the front and about a 6 inch lift and some 33s.

Campsite for the night.

Sunset over a frozen Dease Lake.

May 13. Dease Lake to Telegraph Creek and up to the BC/Yukon boarder. 470 km

Up at 8:00 to find that my water for coffee had ice in it. I guess it did get cold that night. The road to Telegraph creek was a 90 km/hour gravel road for the first 60km and then it got pretty interesting. After Telegraph creek I went to Glenora. I am not sure what I was expecting but this shouldn't be a town on a map. (see pics below). I back tracked to Dease Lake to head north. After A few hours I was out of the mountains and into pine forest with some nice lakes. I found a campsite close to a lake and the road that many people had used before. Had a nice fire and went to bed when the sun went down. (10 pm)

Pin it to win it?

These guys greeted me 20 km out of Telegraph.

Its good to know if your clutch goes out in Telegraph, they have spare parts for you.

The booming metropolis of Glenora.

Spring was in full bloom. The locals said Telegraph was about 2 weeks ahead of Dease Lake in spring.


The road was on a "spine" with canyons on each side.

The other side.

(I had to use photo shop because I wasn't tall enough to do it on the sign)

This is where I camped:

May 14. Just south of Hwy 37 Junction to Whitehorse Yukon.

Ice in my water again this morning. I think its time to get someplace warm! There were some interesting birds that would hit the water almost like they were eating but it might have been some mating dance. I'm not sure. the pictures won't do justice. After about an hour of freezing my @$$ off in 5 degree C windy weather, I disconnected my headlight to free up some extra watts. Now I can run my grips on HIGH and my heated jacket. I have my LED light running so i won't get pulled over for not having a light. Much better! I'm now in the Beez Kneez hostel in Whitehorse and from the looks of the snow/rain in the forecast tomorrow, I might be here another night.

Crazy birds.

I guess that's all the pictures I took today.
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