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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
I agree to some extent.
But I don't agree with him putting her in a position where he chooses her fate. She's just a passenger.
Been there done that and not proud of it.

I find it funny how if a HD rider puts a car tire on the back of his bike he's an idiot according to many here.
Yet when some squid decides to use a puclic road as a test track "with a young lady on the back" it is excusable as both are smart enough to be able to "choose their own fate."

[. . .]

Bottom line is, she trusts him with her life and he is doing a shitty job of protecting it.

(and a lot of what I said earlier was sarcasm )
This picture doesn't bother me in a "men should protect women" way. A rally car team has a driver and a "passenger." If the driver screws up and breaks some metal and tissue, we don't think of the navigator as "the poor, helpless, naive passenger."

These two are like the rally car team: talented and aware of the risks but really shouldn't be practicing their art on the road, which is what bothers me about the picture.

Now, this picture bothers me in the "men should protect women" way. The driver is geared up and about as prepared as he can be for the fall, but the passenger, even if her shirt was pulled down, is not as prepared for the fall. If the fall occurs, he's more likely to walk away with sore muscles and maybe a broken bone while having to send flowers and an apology after her skin graft surgery.

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