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Honda ANF 125 Innova on roll in 25 hours.....

Plan and ponder tours belongs's not my strongest side and so it was now too. In south of Sweden Iron Butt Assocoation arranged an ironbutt with 125's. They had done a tour that went into an eight and would pass Borlänge as northest point.
Friday and a quick decision to make my own race, join them in Tystberga just north of Nyköping and then jump off in Borlänge for traveling north back home. On my way home i made a overnigth in Sundsvall and there had the Innovan been rolling 25 hours straight and scraped together more than 1700 kilometres.

It's Friday and the middle of the day. I've been up since four in the morning. I´ve seen that the IBA had started a iron butt with 125´s down in southern Sweden. Last year was I going my own with the Innova down and back to Stockholm, but a broken wheel bearing ended the day for it.

Now I have the chance to do it again, but struggle with the decision until the middle of the day. IBA-run starts at three o'clock in the morning in Jönköping. For me there is no reasonable reason to join it, so I stick out my finger and feel which way the wind blows, dust the Innova, check the oil, pump in some air in the tires and send my wife Kajsa to Luleå to get me an innertube in reserve.

Packing in progress. Some stuff have to be with me. The side bags are left at home because they take the wind, so everything should fit behind me.
The time is the middle of the day. While I´m packing Kajsa are to Luleå and getting an innertube in reserve.

Now, the clock had to be about 2-3 pm and Innova are ready for a journey. GPS is screwed into the mirror mount. A piece of water hose, tape a few times to take hold and the right dimension. Screws then the holder as hard as possible and it sit there solid as rock. be continue
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