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Originally Posted by beaney View Post
The stator and pulse coil are the same between the rallye rep and the enduro.

# 8 on drawing CDI DIGITAL BOX

Order multiple parts from this assembly

Genuine Part

Part Number:
Special Order
Delivered within 5 working days.

  • 166.70* + VAT (200.04 inc VAT)
* The price quoted for this part is based on the manufacturers price for the item. Occasionally however, some parts are superceded by alternative components provided by these manufacturers that also mean the price is different to that shown. Should this be the case with any parts within your order, Speedaway will contact you to advise you of this as well as offer you a refund for the part in question.
dooooh! i should have looked under the battery tab. The part numbers for the pulser and stator are different for the rally rep but you say the enduro r will work with the cdi?

i am really tired of trying to make this bike work right... it seems every time i get one weakness fixed another pops up.

does anybody know if the workshop manual has voltage and resistance measurements that can help me trouble shoot the loss of 12 v at the coil? i dont mind paying for the book but want to be sure it has that kind of info first

thanks beany
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