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Anyway, everything allright thrue the night, despite the jerky cruising speed. Cold at night, it rains incessantly and I´m really freezing. Stops basically same as before Sundsvall, that for just refueling. Have heading to be at Sillekrog half an hour before the others. In Gävle I notice that I´m over two hours ahead of schedule. No need to waste time waiting at Sillekrog and wait the others, so I turn west towards Sala. Halfway tor Sala I turn back towards Gävle again.

At Gävle has the wind turned. Now I´ve instead head wind and Innova goes really slow now. Morning traffic is not started yet and they few cars I try to hang on in the slipstream drives way too fast for me. In Stockholm, I realize that time is tight now, very tight. Should I make it to Sillekrog even at six o'clock, I must now find more speed. My salvation is a polish truck that fits perfectly my speed and I slipstream after the truck almost whole way to Sillekrog.
Enters the gas station one minute after the others got there. They have now ride three hours from Jönköping and I have been on roll in fifteen hours. So, I am after about a minute, so there are only just quickly nod and send a word to the others meanwhile filling up gas.

The usual morning to do, filling up. The rhythm is inside now and it doesn´t take many minutes to do it.

At Silleskrog in the morning. Fifteen hours riding and the speedo shows at the moment about 1100 kms riding. From here is my turning back. be continue
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