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Originally Posted by EddMc View Post
Dirt bikes.

Guy at work: "I know you ride a motorcycle what kind is it?"

Me: A BMW 1200gs

Guy: "That is a dirt bike right."

Me: "Sometimes"

Guy: ""

I then went into all of the different types of bikes.

Yep filling the KLR up this morning and a yokel asked me if my bike was a 250. Now there is nothing wrong with that cause there are definately some good 250 dual sports out there, but this guy assumed it was a full on dirt bike form the way he asked. He was shocked when I said it was a 650. To him it looked like a dirt bike therefore it was a dirtbike(I assume).

I didn't have the time or inclination to talk to him about different kinds of motorcycles, so I was polite and rode off. I should have told him it was a 2 stroke, then he would tell his buddies about the badass riding the 650 2-smoke dirt bike.
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