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Originally Posted by Unkgd View Post
Looking at the YTZ10-12 "direct replacement battery" to replace a YUASA YTZ14S. The picture of the Antigravity YTZ10-12 does not appear to have the square post connection of the YTZ14S. Is there an adapter available or....?
What is the delivery of the YTZ10-12 - in stock or...? Current batteyr is dead and needs to be replaced.
Also - does the use of the 4-Amp Lifepo4 Battery Charger help extend the operating life of the YTZ10-12 battery or...?
Sorry for delay...c forgot to subscribe to thread...

Yes we have a small square spacer and longer bolt that will come with the battery. It allows for the type of battery cable end that has the folded ears on the ends. We designed the battery like this intentionally and we call it multi-use terminal because we have other motor sports that use our battery rather than just motorcycles so we didn't want the tall square terminal for a couple reasons.. For example you can adapt an SAE Automobile type post to our terminal. You will also notice are terminals are beefy all brass with a one bolt connection point, they are also much lower than the tall square terminal on a motorcycle battery which we did intentionally to keep the contact points more protected from shorting out on frames, tools and stuff... not that this will happen in a bike but we are used a lot in race cars and custom bikes and they want low and small and we saw no reason to copy the design exactly of a motorcycle battery because it limited the use of the battery.

Keeping a battery in a good state of charge does in fact lead to better battery life, continually having them on a charger is not needed for the cells to achieve a longer life . A charger actually charges to 14.6v, and after taken off the charger the battery will drop into the 13v range... you do not need to keep the battery at this 14.6v state of charge at all... 13.2 is the nominal voltage but it usually sits at 13.4~7 and that is perfectly fine. Unless you have a large rapid parasitic drain that is constantly lowering the voltage quickly then you should not have a problem, or need it on a charger. Riding your bike keeps it topped off. If you do not have a parasitic drain the battery will sit at about 13.4~7 for almost a year and in which case putting on the charger will not really do anything to prolong life. Keep in mind Lead/Acid needs a trickle charger because it has an effect called Natural Discharge where it loses voltage relatively rapidly even without being connected to anything. Lithium has this effect but it is so insignificant as to only lower the voltage by about .2v in a year. I have a couple original shrink wrap models from year ago sitting at 13v still after 2 years in a drawer.

If you can test you battery for the first month or so to determine if you have a fast parasitic drain and then determine you don' will be good to go for a long time. I would not bother with keeping it on a charger. In fact I suggest only charging it if you see the voltage going below 13v often... if you determine you battery hangs at the 13.4 range even after months of sitting you are golden.

We have every battery in stock all the time... most the time we ship the next day after the order. Or if we get it early enough the same day.


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