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Originally Posted by George 99 View Post
AkaRob, are you the arbiter? The contents are gonna change over time anyway. What's yur iron in this fire??

And, CDSlim, not that Merkur and AkaRob have deleted their entries, please delete your quote of AkaRob's comment.

Merkur, good job so far, hope to see ya Saturday at The Overland. What are you riding?

Seems like you have decided to come in and do some arbitration when we (as you said) already had things sorted out already. And since you have to call me out on it, yea, I have a problem with posting the contents. I think it spoils the mystery of it. If you want to know what's in it, go find it and look.

What's my iron in this fire? My name is on the egg too.

Next time you feel like stirring up the natives, please just sleep on it before poking people with a stick.
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