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Day 78 and 79 May 14 and 15 297 kms Robstown Tx to Corpus Christi (and area)

The outhouses in the campground were a bit of a walk from my site, so before going to bed, I wanted to check them out, just in case, so there would be no surprises if I needed the facilities. On the way back, I met this guy sitting down to dinner

On the way back, I met a guy fishing, so we chatted for quite a while about Texas, Mexico, and the world in General. He had lived around Robstown all his life, but had only been as far as Matamoros mexico to party when he was younger.

Turns out, that after 2 months in Mexcio and a month in Peru without much problems, I did need a quick trip to the outhouse at 3:00 in the morning….. and there were people out fishing. I think fishing is pretty popular here J

In the morning I loaded up and headed for Corpus Christi. My Canadian insurance had run out while I was in Mexico, so I had my wife send me new papers and decals to Corpus Christi. I had contacted inmate SaltWindandFire ahead of time to ask if I could use his address for the shipping. I was in Corpus Christi a day early for the papers, so I took a look around. I went out to Padre Island, and found a camp ground in Mustang Island State Park.

I headed out to the beach for a look around

Later on, SaltWindandFire and his better half came out for a visit…. and brought beer! There hasn’t been a lot in the budget for beer, so they tasted real good. Thanks again SaltWindandFire.

The next morning I headed into town to pick up my papers from my understanding yet somewhat frustrated wife. SaltWindandFire and his wife both had to work, so I was just going to sit around in their front yard and wait for their arrival. I swung by the Fed Ex office to see if they could intercept the papers instead of sitting in their front yard for god knows how long. No problem, she said, come back in an hour for your papers. Sweet! I did some shopping, picked up my papers, no problem.

I headed back to camp to make some lunch, and the seagulls could smell it cooking, and came over to visit.
This one guy showed up, and I felt kind of sorry for the little fella, cause he had only one foot, and I figured it must be hard for him finding food and competing with the other seagulls.

I threw him a bit of food, and the other seagulls came charging for the food, and it turns out I didn’t have to worry about him. He was a total dick to all the other seagulls and they were all afraid of himJ

These two were oblivious to all the action and were making their own fun.

SaltWindandFire is a fireman, and had invited me down to the firehall for a visit, so after lunch and a short nap (man, I like naps) I headed down to firehall No.1


Yes they really do use the pole

I hung around visiting with SaltWindandFire and his fellow firemen for a couple hours, then headed back to camp.

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