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Unusually have not been here in a while. A couple entries on the Journal, the one before last with many more Photos of "Chaco Canyon".Between playing hide and seek with some return and sending oil hoses which were wrong four times [outside vendor], picking up then “Old Faithful” to ride it and trust it, moving on here to the “Mormon Lake” area near Flagstaff, Spirit a bit under the weather with a Vet that wanted a series of expensive tests... Life on the road seems to finally lighten up for a breather before Overland Expo starting in a couple of days.
I had no idea this area is so beautiful and plentiful of unpaved but very well maintained roads. Cool weather throughout the days, cold as we [at least I !!!] like it.
I am slowly trusting this new [for us] engine, the feel is different, stronger of course with only it's 30,000 miles.
There will be a big crowd at Overland Expo, many Friends we only see once a year, some maybe twice. Lots of cooking, chatting, giving a “One~Pan” cooking Class for all the three days. Traveling without refrigeration as we do... simple and clean and good.
There will be I am sure many photos from all attending vehicles, maybe a couple videos, the area is huge. Much excitement ahead I must say...
Till next time. Enjoy the Photos from “Mountainair” all the way to “Mormon Lake” including “Pie-Town”.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit
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