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Talking Black Dog! Black Dog!

Fellow Inmates,

It is my great misfortune to only attend one rally a year, yes for all the dumb reasons. However, the Black Dog approaches (, and I've finally reached farkle levels that will allow me to actually ride out to it.

Anyone going? Anyone want to group up into an intimidating mass of tall skinny bikes? Oh, sorry, GS12s would be welcome too, of course.

Having nothing to compare it too I can't say the B.D. is absolutely the best, but it certainly does NOT suck. As a total newb Dser I got just a little more experience than I wanted the first time, and again the second time. Perfect. Two different courses, A and B, friendly folks (assuming one does not tear up the grass in the campground, sorry Tom), and there's even a shop with a welding machine nearby in case one happens to rip off a foot-peg bracket. And of course prizes.

Okay, so I'm looking forward to it a lot. You would too if your life was ruled by integral calculus.

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