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Originally Posted by Roundworld View Post
No worries, looks like you had a blast. I have two questions one how soon can I get the conversion with the rim? and two, If I put the car tire and used the 155/60R15 and increased the trail would that also then make the steering better as if I put an easy steer? Just a thought or am I off base. Also I saw that you make the trail reduction bracket. I wanted that as well.

Someone told me that while it would help, that while one is in a turn the trail is reduced do to the compression of the front spring and there by negate having it. Is this true?

As you can see in the diagram in my previous reply, if you compress the front suspension (drop the front end), you would increase the steepness of the steering axis. And yes, that would reduce trail.
Of course, for a sidecar this is not necessarily a bad thing...

Of course, even with a sidecar, if the trail figure gets too low the steering can begin to feel a bit vauge. I like to have some trail left so that I am still getting feedback from the front wheel.
(center hub steering is a whole 'nuther kettle-o-fish, so the trail figures for those are not related to what we are talking about.)


As far as the trail reducer brackets that I made for myself, it was designed to work with the R1200RT/ST/Roadster.

The R1150GS & R1200GS has a different type of lower steering cross-member. Rather than one which bolts to tabs on the slider, the later model GS lower bridges have a clamp ring which the fork sliders slip into. So my adapter would not work for one of those bikes.
I have not taken the measurements to see if my trail reducer plate will fit on the R1100GS or any of the other Telever from ends which use a bolted on lower bridge...

When I designed the bracket I went to a place which does laser and water-jet cutting to cut my blank, and I had a couple of extra blanks made so that I could experiment with less offset/reduction if I wanted to.
However, the first offset chosen worked so well that I never did anything else with the extra blanks.
So I would be able to offer a reducer for a R1200RT or one of the stable-mates.


As far as the rear wheel conversions, I don't currently have any of the adapter hubs on hand, so it would take several weeks to get all the parts together, the anodizing done, etc.

To be honest, it has been months since anyone has shown any interest, and I have been trying to decide if it would be worth the investment of having another batch of hubs machined up only to have them sitting gathering dust for who knows how long.
I haven't even checked to see if the prices at my anodizing shop, machine shop, and parts suppliers have changed since the first batch was made.

Ideally, I would like to know that I have at least 2 people interested/commited before investing the time/money to do another batch of hubs.
Even then, I will be sitting on part of my investment while I wait for other buyers.
Anyone else with a serious interest???
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