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Road E18 to Enköping and where we turn north towards Sala and Borlänge. Now is also strong headwind. I have by far the weakest power in my bike and have to be awake all the time on the tempochanges. Drop from the bike in front of me now is not a good idea with the Innova
Strange is that, an XR125 can´t keep up with the others in the tailwind. He loose power on the smallest, and the bigger have to get him up. On that, his rainsuit is giant windbreak. I iscovered myself to look in the mirror and wonder where the hell was the SH300 scooter drop in to the group?? His rainsuit looked like the cover on one of those.
By the time he was after, he was also suddenly back in the group, via using the slipstream of the bigger bikes. I have drove XR125, I know that the bike is strong up to 90 kph on speedo, then it is slowly ticking up slowly and, at best, then get the topspeed 115kph. Was told that the sprocked was cahnged for higher topspeed and in this wind it's not a good idea to do that.

Well, entering gasstation at Sala. The Innova have get most of the time full throttle and gas has just flown thrue. The reserve has winked at 28 km. It´s usually enough to ride with the reserve almost exactly 30 km so it´s in last moment Innovan gets gas.. Quick refueling again. Me and Fotta chat for a while and do not realize that others have taken off already and it gets a little busy for us!

Innovan gets refueling in the last minute. On the pic also the struggeling XR125.

Refueling be continue
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