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Originally Posted by doogiepooch View Post
Wanting to get into a VFR, selection seems to be slim in the $3,500 and under in my area. Found a 98 with 68,000 on it I can get it for mid to high 2,000's, owner seems very detial oriented, records kept etc. Would anyone be scared of this bike? He basically rode it everyday for a couple years. Is it shot or "should" it be trouble free for many miles to go? I'm trying to find something to do a couple week trip to Yellowstone etc on this summer. I'll do it on my Ninja if I have to but.....don't really want to

98 is a highly desirable year. First year of fuel injection but still has the gear driven cams. With good records I wouldn't be scared of it at all.

It may need some regular higher mileage maintenance items addressed soon such as fork seals and bushings, chain and sprockets, F and R wheel bearings and steering head bearings, etc.

Find out of the Reg/Rec has been replaced with a better unit and if the rear shock has been replaced because at 68K it's definitely shot.
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