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Originally Posted by BMWzenrider View Post
Lets just say... COLD!!!

Yes, the OBC is showing only 7 degrees above zero, Farenheit.
And that was at 1pm, near the warmest part of the day...

How would one of these batteries do in THOSE conditions.
(50 degrees is NOT what I would consider cold...)
Yep damn cold that is... that will effect Lithium.... so the best you could do is blast it with insane cranking amps in a lithium battery. We offer two of the most powerful production batteries available in the motorcycle battery format....We make a 600 Cranking Amp version and 720 Cranking Amp version in a package that is only 6" long x 3.4" deep x 5.12" tall (YTX12 size). We made them to start the massive 135 Cubic inch and above V-Twins, but they are so powerful that they can blast most anything even in cold. the 720 cranking amp model is coming out in about 4-weeks...a bit overkill for anything but the most crazy motors.

To put that type of power in perspective it is 2 and a half times the Cranking power of a Harley Battery (YTX20)....and weighs about 12 pounds less... but it is what the Ultra large 2300cc V-Twins need when they have those high compression motors built motors in their customs...they can't start them unless they jump them with another battery.

The smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries
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