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To the north, passing Falun. Stop in Hofors to make a call to the camping in Sundsvall. My thought is that, when I make my stop there I have been riding more than 1700 kilometers in one ride. The campsite has not quite opened yet, but I may rent a single cottage for 20 euro - Taken!
Expecting to be in Sundsvall about 3 pm and taken now the change to buy a coffee and a cake at the gas station in Hofors. Now discovering that the jaw has been more or less locked after having on me the tight Araihelmet too long. Mash the cake into my mouth, and then wash it down with coffee. Always something!

The weather is pretty good warm, but I'm still freezing anyway. Probably because I had frozen so long and itīnow all the way into the marrow. Plenty of time and, still kilometers rolling on, make stops now a little more often, but the 100 kilometers are riding not more fun and this kilometers takes at least two hours. Arriving at the campsite, I'm at four pm there and notice on the speedo. Iīve been riding just over 1700 kilometers in 25 hours.

Taking into the cottage and every button I can read hot, varm and very on, is pressed on. I'm now really hungry, so an already noticed nearby pizzeria will get a visit as soon as the jaw is detached.
After three hours the jaw loose enough so that I can visit the pizzeria. Quick pizza there and I go freezing quickly back to the campsite. Now I notice how hot it is in the cottage. When I walk in, it's like a wall of heat that strikes my face and I realize that, once it's time to sleep, itīs best to reduce the heat, otherwise I wake up at night with a heatstroke.

On the bed.....and I fell directly in sleep with all my clothes on.

A little stop.

The cottage in Sundsvall.
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