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I've taken all the level classes offered by Keith Code and his Califorinia SBK school. You will have the smallest displacement bike if you bring the Ninja 250, but that does not mean you will be the slowest, not able to learn, not able to apply all that is taught, and have a great time. I'm not familiar with your track, but the Ninja 250 wouldve been a blast at Blackhawk Farms Raceway where I took the first one day school, but NOT so much fun on the larger Road America Raceway in Elkhart Lake where I took the other levels. The smaller more technical tracks you will find yourself flicking it around and able to corner better than some weekend warriors on their GSXR's and R1's with the nice flat spot tires. If I remember right, for the one day Level 1 cornering class, there is no passing (minus the instructor), so dont worry about being run over. You head out onto the track in your small groups, like a 3 or 4 to one ratio of student to instructor, so dont worry about the peer pressure. Theres a bit of classroom too so bike displacement plays no factor there obviously. I wouldnt worry about wrecking, its not a race, its actually a relaxed learning environment. The wrecks I have seen at those schools come from the much larger displacement bikes with much larger ego's aboard. Your instructor may (i say may) put you at the back of the group (adjustable during the day), or he may have you run out front. They drop back in line to watch you, then they get in front of you for you to watch them and follow their lines and also they give you hand signals to let you know when to roll on the throttle through an apex. Most ride the thing one handed becuse they are giving the students signals with their other hand the entire time. Good times, take YOUR own bike and have fun. Why learn on some bike youre never gonna ride?
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