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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
Herbst passed me just outside El Arco in the rocky stretch and Robby caught
me on a sand road on the way to San Ignatio. I was going 90-100 and he went by like I was sitting still. He went wide, so it was a nice pass. The experience was easier than I thought honestly

The Sand whoops in San Filepe sucked
I must say that " Kiss my Ass" interview at the end of the days stage, an interview that would never gone to air had it been pre-recorded, in this years Dakar, has made me a Robby Gordon fan for life . Especially in light of Peterhansel and Depraved's bad sportsmanship behaviour and ASO's "European" to win at all cost............. What Bullshit !!!. If Africa race was shown on TV............ good by Dakar.

Not to be out done (by you )

My new motor...... 3lt/H6 ........ It's 10.7:1 (Faaaaaak) want to boost to 6-7psi ....that's all ...on those pistons...... What Turbo do I need???? 35/40 maybe

The News, those who are trying to control what we think, do not want us to see. So good the British Gov. Banned it !!!
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