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Day 80 May 16 622 kms Corpus Christi to Navaro Mills Lake

This morning I wanted to head out early, so I got up at first light, loaded the bike, got all ready to saddle up, and the neighbor came over and wanted to chat, then his wife, then his daughter. We had a nice visit for quite and while, then I got on the road J

I wanted to try to avoid freeways and cities, so I headed out on highway 77. On the map it looked like a nice little road, but in reality it was a divided highway with a bit too much traffic. I turned onto 77A at Refugio, and that was more to my liking.

I stopped on the side of the road for a bit of breakfast.

I rode along in no big hurry, but with very little traffic and the rural road speed limit of 70 mph, I ate up the miles.

I rode into Halletsville and spotted an old church sticking up above all the other buildings, so I pulled into town to get a few pictures.

I spotted a bank, and I had a few pesos left over, so I figured I would cash them in for American dollars. Sounds easy, right?

I walk in, go up to the teller and tell her what I want to do. Well turns out you can’t trade in foreign money unless you have a bank account, and do you have a bank account with us sir?

Well, of course I didn’t so I go to leave and she says she can set me up with an account and its really easy…… So, of course I believe her.

She was kind of cute in a Bible Belt, Texas farm girl kinda way, and she heads to her office and I follow her (apparently she works the till AND has her own office) and on the way in, she says, and I quote, “I have never done a Canadian before, you will be my first time.”



What do you say to that?

And I tried, I really did. I tried not to say anything, but….well, you know.

So I says, as she is starting to type up something on the computer, “Well, you always remember your first time.”

And she stops typing, and her fingers won’t seem to work, and she turns about 3 shades of red, and then she does a really good job of not hearing what I had said.

I guess she was remembering a first something. What? I don’t know J

So anyhow, an hour and a half later, I was the proud owner of a Wells Fargo Bank account, debit card, and checks, which, when I asked, was told I could cancel when I got back to Canada, but I might want to hang on to it and pay the user fees just in case I want to use it one day.

And… I did get a really crappy exchange rate on the Pesos…….

Off I went, into rural Texas , and it was pretty good riding. A bit of waiting for road construction, but mostly just riding past farm after farm after farm.

I wanted to avoid going through Waco, so I zig zagged on farm roads that didn’t show on the map, and finally came to the campsite I had seen on It wasn’t free, but was darned cheap, and had big campsites, water and electricity ( like I need water and electricity) and there was no one else around.

It was starting to get late, so I set up camp and made something to eat.

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