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It wasn't Cessna's fault but the early production run with those engines (6 cyl Continental IO-360's whatever dash series) were, to be kind, basically lemons. (another version with a higher prop speed eked out 210 hp, but that put it in the "high performance category). At the time I was actually warned by a sage old timer who had pilots license #300 or something, signed by one of the Wrights not to get in one. I figured if that's what he thought then I ought to trust him. In later years I flew one and, well, I'm here. It does bring up some of the other not so well known versions of the old types that are really underrated: The Piper Dakota comes to mind. Easily does everything a 182 does, is probably cheaper and not prone to tweaking the engine mounts.
Its 195 hp Continental 10-360-K fuel injected engine is actually the 210 hp Continental, but all the muffling required to meet FAA/EPA standards sucked up 15 horses.
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